Rules & Regulation

The students are to abide strictly to the following instructions:
  • Students should reach the school 10 minutes before school timings. The students who report late will not be allowed to enter the  school campus and attend classes.
  • Students if absent for a day, proper leave letters are to reach the Class Teacher on the next working day.
  • UNIFORM: Students should attend school wearing neat, clean and complete uniform as specified in the school diary. On Friday’s the respective House Colour T-Shirt should be worn.
  • SHOES: Students should wear neatly polished shoes. On Friday’s only white canvas shoes are allowed. (Shoes of any other kind other than that specified in the school diary are not allowed.)
  • Boys should have a regular neat and trim haircut. Girls who have long hair should comb it neatly into two plaits and use hair bands as specified in the diary.
  • Girls/Boys should not use any kind of ornaments. (Girls can use only small ear rings/studs).
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